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亚愽备用-足协总监给国足详解世界技战术趋势 集训劳逸结合
名称:亚愽备用-足协总监给国足详解世界技战术趋势 集训劳逸结合

   Source of manuscript: Football News



The national football team assembled at noon on the 4th, and then held the first training session in Houpaier Sports Park in the afternoon, focusing on recovery. Li Tie was interviewed before training. He explained the purpose of the training session: last time The training camp is in May, and whether the training camp will be in January next year has not yet been determined. Therefore, I hope to instill more information into the players through the training camp in October, and the team has also selected some new players to further unify the thinking through running-in.


   Li Tie also stated that the team does not have a limit of only 4 naturalized players per period. One of the conditions for selecting them is to see if they are eligible, and the other is to see if they are willing to play for the Chinese team. Li Tie also revealed that every player actively expressed his willingness to report to the national team, and he also promised the club that he would take good care of the players.


Regarding this training camp, many fans have some concerns, thinking that it will affect the club’s preparations. In fact, this worry is unnecessary. At present, the re-assembly date of many clubs is around October 5th, and the national football team is from 4th to 9th. In just 6 days of training, on the one hand, the international team has been given 5 to 6 days of rest, fully taking into account the need for the international team to rest, which is very humane, and the international team can return to the club on the evening of the 9th. During the national football training period, the club is actually only focused on recovery, and there are basically no major changes in the personnel of the national football players, and there is no problem of running-in at the club level. Therefore, the impact of the national football training on the club can be said to be minimal.


On the 5th, the second day of the national football training camp, the team conducted training in the morning. Zeng Cheng accepted an interview. He was considered a "newcomer" of Li Tie's national team. Zeng Cheng also said: "Through the first training session yesterday, I The most intuitive feeling is that we must first understand the coach’s technical and tactical thinking, and integrate into the team as soon as possible, strengthen the running-in and increase the tacit understanding through limited training, and implement Li Dao’s style of play."


In the afternoon, the Football Association invited the former international referee Tao Ran to be a referee for the national football team. The reason is that in the first stage of the league, the Chinese Super League players have some incompetence with the referee's penalty scale, such as whether the first touch of the ball is foul, most players You will subconsciously think that there is no foul if you touch the ball first, and the latest rule is that if you use unnecessary (excessive) force, then even if you touch the ball first, it will be considered a foul, and you can even show a red card. Tao Rancheng also explained in detail the new rules introduced by FIFA this year in combination with some cases of the first stage of the Chinese Super League.


   This refereeing class also allows the internationals to adapt to the referee's enforcement standards under the new rules in the subsequent matches of the top 40 to avoid unnecessary red and yellow cards.


On the 6th, the national football team continued to conduct 90-minute technical and tactical training in the morning, and the training intensity gradually increased. The newly selected 21-year-old Guo Tianyu before the game was interviewed. He said that this was the first time he was selected for the national team in his career. I have been in contact with Director Li Tie for a year in Wuhan, and I have a better understanding of technical and tactical play. Now it is mainly to strengthen the running in with the team.


In the afternoon, the National Football Association arranged for all players to watch the movie "Win the Championship" to learn from the spirit of the women's volleyball team and enhance the cohesion of the team. Yan Junling and Wu Xi were very impressed in the interview. Yan Junling said: "I was a little excited during the watching process. Especially when I saw Lang Ping squatted with a barbell every day when he was young, he couldn't train without reaching 100 kg. I couldn’t help but think of myself when I was a child. I will work hard to learn the spirit of the women’s volleyball team. It has a strong educational significance for every athlete, and it has a strong educational significance for us to participate in the country. The team's game will bring a strong promotion effect."


   On the 7th, the National Football team still arranged 90 minutes of technical and tactical training in the morning, and no activities in the afternoon, so that players can have an opportunity to adjust and rest.




On the whole, the arrangement of the national football training camp is very substantial, taking into account training, learning, rest and entertainment, so that the international players can combine work and rest. While strengthening the running-in and better familiarizing with Li Tie’s tactical ideas, it can also let the international players We return to the club in a better state and fulfill Li Tie's commitment to the club to "take good care of the players". In the long run, it can also allow the internationals to have more accumulation and lay the foundation for future development.


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